• Image of The 27 Club Series

We have started to put together a series of the 27 Club Art pieces. As of right now, we have Jimi, Jim, Kurt and Amy pieces ready to go and will be adding Janis as we get it made. They come with a flame colored background or a colored background Right now we offer them in 4.5" x 5" wooden magnets and 8" x 10" Canvases or Wooden Panels.

Each piece is handmade in our studio in Atlanta, GA. Each piece is unique and may not look exactly like the one pictured. Colors can vary a little bit but we will keep it close to the same shape as we possibly can. WE ALSO DO CUSTOM ORDERS - so if you want it a different color, we can work together to get you the color you want.

All of our Art is made from various types of wood, from hardwoods to high quality fiber board, and stretched cavases. If you have a certain type you want, feel free to contact us and we can make it fit your needs!

All of our wood products have a multi-layered, very smooth clear coat finish.

Processing and making the order.
We try to have this in stock and ready to ship, as shown in the picture. We should be able to get this out within two business days if it is ready to ship. If we run out of stock or you have asked for custom colors, it will take about a week to get your order ready.

Shipping usually takes a few days via USPS, depending on where you are located and how far from Atlanta, GA you are.