• Image of DSB Products, including Wooden Flames, Sticker Packs and DSB Pendants

Get all of your DSB Art here!

We have Sticker Packs - which have 4 of each of our 4"x 5" stickers and 2"x 3" stickers. Vinyl stickers and a UV finish. Black w/ White logo.

You can have your own Laser Cut DSB Wooden Pendant! They are roughly 1 1/2" oval with our logo cut into the face of it.

4.5" x 5" DSB Wooden Flame - painted and finished with a magnet on the back and ready to put on your fridge! We can also put a wall hanging bracket on it if you would like, just specify in your order!

We also offer a smaller 2" x 2" DSB flame magnet! Same colors, just let us know which you prefer!

Or get your hands on a large DSB piece! We have 9"x 11" pieces (roughly) that have a wall hanging bracket on the back. Each are die cut around the tips of the flames!

Made of 1/2" sanded Hardwood, then painted and finished w/ a gloss finish. DSB flame branded on the back.

We will only offer a few of the Die-Cut options, so get them while you can!

We only have 4 potential limited edition Mixed media pieces that have the raised DSB mounted on a flame colored background.

Please allow 4-7 days to ship, if we do not have your color already in stock. If it is in stock, we will ship it the following business day!

Due to having these all in this same listing, you can either contact us about getting only a Sticker Pack, Pendant or a 2"x2" DSB Wooden Flame and we give instructions on ordering or refund a couple of dollars on the shipping.

If you purchase a 4.5"x5" or 9"x11" Wooded piece it will also come with a Sticker Pack!